Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C.

Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. provides services to clients in the Toronto, GTA, Durham, and York Regions and surrounding areas, focused on Landlord Eviction Services (Landlord Defence Services), Small Claims Solutions, and representation, consultation and litigation assistance in other areas, such as Traffic Offences Personal Injury situations and Provincial Offences.

Landlord Eviction Services (Landlord Defence Services)

Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. Landlord Eviction Services (Landlord Defence Services) division, assists Landlords in the Toronto, GTA and surrounding regions, providing representation when dealing with tenants, with the Landlord Tenant Board, and subsequent enforcement actions, including collections and Tenant Evictions, etc. Learn more…

Small Claims Solutions

Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. Small Claims Solutions division takes your small claim lawsuit from start to finish – drafting your claim or defence, mediation and, if necessary, through the trial. Our primary focus is on breach of contract, personal injury, damage & theft of property and small claims court representation in the Toronto, GTA, Durham and York Regions and surrounding areas. Learn more…

Personal Injury, Provincial Offences, Other Services

Launch or defend actions and claims for compensation for injuries and other damages recoveries from vehicle accident, slip and fall, SAB, etc. Learn more…

Representation and defence against Traffic Tickets, Provincial Offences, Summary Criminal Charges, etc. Learn more…

Letters of Demand, Legal Document Preparation, Serving and Filing, etc. Learn more…

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Through the years I have gone through a lot of lawyers and Paralegals for my evictions and tenant issues; I stopped when I found Simon Hildyard and Phoenix Paralegal Services”
J.T.Toronto, Ontario, Canada