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Residential Landlord-Tenant relationships are usually positive and mutually beneficial. But relationship breakdowns do sometimes occur. These often require some measure of Landlord Services legal intervention. All Landlord Services legal issues are governed by the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act and are administered by the Landlord and Tenant Board.
Rental agreements are normally in writing, in the form of a signed and accepted lease. A rental contract may also be automatically established by the simple act of a Landlord accepting rent from a Tenant in return for the tenant being permitted to occupy a residential rental space.
The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) covers all aspects of Landlord Services in Ontario, and defines:
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of both Landlords and Tenants.
  • The procedures to resolve disputes between Landlords and Tenants, through mediation or adjudication.
  • The rules for rental increases in most residential units, and the procedures to enforce these rules.
  • The role of the Landlord and Tenant Board.
The most crucial parts of a Residential Lease include:
  • The day that rent payments are due and when they must be received – which day of the week or month.
  • Specific, acceptable methods of each actual rental payment to the Landlord. Any one or more of:
    • Any agreed method must allow time for payments to clear before the due date;
    • By hand to a specific person and/or address, by cash or cheque;
    • To the building superintendent, by cash or cheque;
    • A cheque, sent by regular mail, or through a series of post-dated cheques;
    • Through the internet, such as a direct debit bank payment or an Email Money Transfer (EMT).
  • The rights and responsibilities of both the Landlords and Tenants in respect of the tenancy. These include the consequences of breaching them, including late or non-payment of rent, property maintenance and damage, acceptable use and personal conduct, etc.
Landlord Protection Services
As a Landlord, it is important that you act quickly when confronted by a Tenant issue, particularly if it’s serious enough for lease termination and eviction. After providing notices of deficiency to a Tenant (e.g. unacceptable non-payment or persistent late payment of rent, damage, misbehaviour, etc.), you must wait a minimum of 14 days after serving a notice of termination before filing an application with the Landlord & Tenant Board (LTB) to terminate the tenancy. Barring an agreed or LTB mandated resolution, from the initial application until the Sheriff is able to enforce the eviction, it can take multiple hearings and several weeks (sometimes months).
An early response when issues do arise, coupled with Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C.’s Landlord Services expertise and follow through, provide the most effective method of achieving a successful conclusion. We will:
  • Prepare on-time, accurate and relevant documents;
  • Schedule and represent the client at the LTB;
  • Schedule/coordinate enforcement of financial or other approved arrangements;
  • File and serve all documents, as required by the LTA;
  • Negotiate, where possible, acceptable mediated settlements;
  • Obtain, enforce and attend judgments (including evictions) with the Sheriff’s office.
The basic, fundamental rights of a Landlord are to collect full, on-time rental payments from a Tenant, and to take action through the LTB (or Courts) for a Tenant’s breach of the lease agreement.
The corresponding primary Landlord obligations are to provide a well-maintained and repaired residential environment, comprising safe, clean and clear buildings, common areas and facilities. They must meet all government habitation, health and safety regulations. The Tenant must be provided with full access and the right to unrestricted enjoyment of the premises in return for the payment of rent..
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