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You need professionally prepared Legal Documents to allow you to proceed effectively with your case.
A Letter of Demand (LOD) is often an expeditious and cost effective approach to resolving a Legal dispute without Court action.
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Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. will prepare your LOD and Legal Documents for filing.
We will, optionally, file and serve them and provide Legal advice, Court representation and Legal referral services.
Legal Document and Letter of Demand (LOD) Preparation
Some of our clients choose to represent themselves but may need help to ensure that all of the “i’s are dotted” and that all of the “t’s are crossed”. Clients may feel sufficiently confident to present their own cases but need help to ensure nothing is missed. The Claim or Application may be of a low financial return, so hiring a Lawyer or Paralegal may not be cost-effective.
In these cases, a Client may retain us only to prepare Legal Documents and, on occasion, to file and serve them. We will review your case and any other relevant information and then, one of the keys to success in any legal matter, properly and professionally prepare your Legal Documents, in the format and and with content required by the Court or Tribunal.
A Letter of Demand (LOD) is normally drafted by a Paralegal or Lawyer (to ensure all aspects of the claim and relevant legalities are fully covered) and is a formal, legally acceptable demand for payment or a demand for performance of an obligation to you by another party. An LOD is often used in personal injury or motor vehicle accident claims, and in Small Claims Court and Landlord & Tenant matters. The intent of an LOD is to try to resolve a dispute quickly and at minimum cost, thus avoiding litigation and related expenses for all of the parties involved. However, an LOD can also serve as a starting point for further legal action, and offers an indication to the Court that an equitable resolution was attempted previously.
Process Serving and Filing
Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C.’s Process Servers are highly skilled at finding persons to be served. They serve and file our documents on a timely and cost effective basis, and can do the same for you.
Our commitment in regard to Process Serving is to achieve 90% success within the specified timeframes:
  • 24-48 hours in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).
  • 2-3 days in the broader Southern Ontario region.
  • Within one week elsewhere in Ontario.
Other Legal Services
Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. brings an extensive legal knowledge and experience base to bear to provide you with a broad range of other advisory and consultation services, including:
  • Immigration advice and referral.
  • General legal advice, including drafting contracts and letters.
  • Draft/advise on Residential Tenancy Agreements/Applications.
  • Employment termination services and advice.
  • General legal advice; identification of forms/procedures.
  • Seminars on laws and procedures regarding Residential Tenancy and Small Claims Court.
  • Commissioner of Affidavits.
Legal Referral Services
Phoenix Paralegal Services P.C. is an LSUC licensed paralegal firm. We are not lawyers. Though often more cost effective than using a Lawyer for certain cases and in some areas of expertise, some of our clients require the services of a Lawyer, not a Paralegal. The most obvious illustrations are for Criminal Code Indictable Offences and other Summary Criminal Offences that carry a possible jail sentence of more six months and/or a fine of more than $5,000.
There is also a broad range of areas in the Civil Litigation field that require the services of a Lawyer. Should you first consult with us, we have the knowledge and experience to immediately advise if a Paralegal is inappropriate for your case and, having worked extensively with lawyers in both the Civil and Criminal Law fields, we will readily refer you to a licensed lawyer in the Province of Ontario best able to handle your case. The types of Civil Law action that would fall into this category include:
  • Civil Litigation, over $25,000.
  • Catastrophic injuries.
  • Brain and spinal chord injuries.
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability (STD and LTD).
  • Toxic mould exposure.
  • Life Insurance claims.
  • CPP claims
  • Real Estate transactions.
  • Wills and estates.
  • Corporate & Commercial.
  • Wrongful dismissal.
  • Trademark and Patent.
  • Family Law.
  • Bankruptcy Trustees.